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Katherine Sands

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Katherine Sands' Textile Work

"In creating art, I find the elements of nature to be some of the most interesting subjects in my environment.  The colors, shapes, lines, and textures of trees, leaves, flowers, rocks, and even weeds are visually stimulating to me and I employ them liberally. I do most of my work in an abstract fashion with dyes and paints on cotton and silk. Creating my own cloth is where I prefer to start when creating a work of art.  It is important to me that each piece is as original as I can make it. I do not usually work in realism; it is far more interesting to work in an abstract or suggestive mode, using the materials and elements to give impressions or allude to a theme.  I hope to give the viewer pause as he/she ponders interpretations of my subject matter. "--Katherine Sands

"Structural" - 34" x 28" - $900

Hand dyed cotton fabrics created by the artist, free form piecing technique.

"Surface Matters" - 19"x 19" - $330

Old quilt used as the base, painted fusible and dryer sheets.

"Weathered Places" - 32"x 30" - $1000

Dyed and screened cotton fabrics created by the artist. Juried into 2010 Form Not Function exhibit at the Carnegie Center, New Albany, IN.

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"...But Words Will Never Hurt Me (Sticks and Stones)" - 32" x 42" - $1600

Dyed cotton and sateen created by the artist. Screening and stamping  and bleach discharge. Handwriting by the artist. Received Honorable Mention award in the 2009 Working Together exhibit by Southwestern Indiana Arts Council.

"...But Words Will Never Hurt Me (Sticks and Stones)#2" - 36" x 42" - $1800

Dyed cotton sateen created by the artist. Screening and stamping techniques. Handwriting by the artist.

"ArtCloth: Trees" - 17" x 16" - $300

Dyed, painted and screened cotton created by the artist with photo transfer on silk organza.  Juried into the 2008 Working Together exhibit sponsored by Southwestern Indiana Arts Council.